Coin2Fish - English


Players will have governance of the economy in Coin2Fish Reborn. They will choose the average price of the food published in the store, isn't that great?
Food is an essential good for the development of your fish. Without them you won't be able to get very far, so fishing becomes vital in Coin2Fish. You can also get eggs to increase your team! Remember that the maximum inventory capacity for your aquarium is 35 slots. In case you don't want to fish, you can always buy food from others in the marketplace.
Each player chooses the price at which he wants to sell.
Therefore, if your priority is that your fish level up very quickly, you should focus on bread, and if you are not in such a hurry you can opt for apples or algae.
Remember that when leveling up your fish will get a 5% increase in the value of tokens generated by feeding.