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With Aquarium Clash you can explore other aquariums, if you are lucky you will find a great one!
In Aquarium Clash, you get 50% of the reward and the owner of the aquarium loses the reward.
If you don't want to be left without feeding your fish, you can hire Oliver's services in the Shop!
Cat Face on Microsoft Windows 11 22H2
"Oliver, deity of protection and peace in aquariums, has decided to immerse himself in Coin2Fish, his imposing figure will be responsible for taking care of aquariums from attacks when nations attack.
Oliver's story lies in the early days of 2022, when he came into the lives of the creators of this Coin2Fish Reborn, as an adult. Oliver was a meek kitten, gifted and grateful for the opportunity to have a new family. It was quite difficult for him to find a family due to his medical condition, which his new parents did not care about, Oliver suffered from Leukemia, a chronic disease caused by a retrovirus which weakened his immune system.
In the midst of launching Coin2Fish Reborn, Oliver suffered a decompensation causing severe anemia, his mother (Skyler) struggled with the care he required between medications, visits to the vet and tests, but there came a time when he had to approach him, kiss his forehead and tell him it was time to rest. Oliver's departure left a very deep mark on our hearts and that is why we have decided to honor his short passage through this earthly life and bring him into the depths of Coin2Fish allowing him to continue taking care of what surrounds him.
Oliver's protection will allow users to rest without worrying about attacks that could reach their aquariums, his services can be contracted for one or more days in the Shop."