Coin2Fish - English

First Steps

Step 1: Connect your Wallet, you can see the guide at Conectar Wallet
Once your metamask 🦊 wallet is connected to our page, all that remains is to obtain fish to be able to perform the different functions of C2FR.
Players will be able to buy 🥚 eggs in the store. Depending on the egg, you will be able to get certain chances to get a fish with different rarities.
Pay attention! 👀 Eggs will have an exclusive value in the Pre Sale! 😇 That is why the values are:
Normal Egg: 0.14 BNB. Rare Egg: 0.31 BNB
First of all, you should know that our C2FR token will be listed in Pancake swap starting on August 15, and everything that is collected in pre-sale is automatically added to the liquidity of Pancake swap through our smart contract:
Step 2: Click on the "Shop" button
Once inside the store you will be able to choose between a common or rare egg, in addition, you will have the possibility to buy a fishing rod in its three modalities.
Step 3: Buy the egg you want, remember that depending on the egg you buy you will have a different percentage of obtaining a better rarity. Check the Fish Wikiand choose the one that suits you best 🧐.
Step 4: 😬 open the egg, it's time to cross your fingers 🤞 and hope that luck is on your side!