Coin2Fish - English

Connect Wallet

In order to play Coin2Fish Reborn, you will need to connect your metamask wallet. Next we are going to explain to you easily how to prepare everything to start playing.
Step 2: Connect your wallet and sign the contract
Step 3: Once the contract is accepted, you will be connected with your wallet to Coin2Fish Reborn.
Step 4: Add the Coin2Fish Reborn (C2FR) token to your wallet.
Step 5: Accept to manually add the C2FR token to your BSC (Binance Smart Chain Network) wallet.
You import the new C2FR token.
Make sure the address you import from the token is:
And you are ready to buy C2FR tokens with very low slippage.
You will be able to exchange the C2FR for corals in Coin2Fish Reborn, which will have a ratio of 1:1.
With the corals you can buy the game objects, sell and buy in the marketplace, etc.
To buy the corals you will only have to click on the "My Account" button that you can find in the inventory and the interface will open where you can make the exchange, you can also do it from the "shop" tab. Then you will find an interface to enter the corals you want to buy with your C2FR tokens.
Make sure you buy the necessary tokens so you can buy eggs, food, fishing rods and more!